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It has always been a dream of mine to live in the United States. And by “dream,” I mean it was something I never thought would come true. Pretty pessimistic, right? But my pessimism was grounded in reality: it was nearly impossible to (legally) leave my home country and immigrate to the U.S. There are many reasons for that, and I won’t go into the specifics here. But what’s important is I knew the life I wanted to have was very difficult to achieve by living in my home country.

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Is college worth it?

Many people whom I respect and admire advise against going to college. Although I agree with them in some respect (many careers do not require a college degree, so you are doing yourself a huge disservice by attending it), I also think that the “college isn’t worth it” is a generalization that needs to be contextualized. So here is my attempt to begin the conversation about this.

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Why South Korea?

I wrote this article as more of a “letter to myself” - type of a thing back in 2019. Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic threw a curve ball at my plans to move abroad. Nevertheless, I wanted to publish this post because my reasons for moving to South Korea will hold true, whether I accomplish this in 2020 or later.

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Why CELTA for me?

The CELTA certificate is one of the priciest (if not the priciest) TEFL certificates available on the market. Why did I decide to go with it? I could’ve easily saved $1,500 by taking another, generic TEFL course. Here are my reasons for doing so.

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