“Nothing Works” by Jack Conte

Today I found some time to watch a couple of videos from my never-ending “Watch Later” playlist on YouTube.

I ended up watching Jack Conte’s talk called “Nothing Works”. With a title like this, he had me hooked.

From making stop animations in his youth, playing in empty bars with his rock band to co-founding Patreon, I enjoyed hearing his story thoroughly.

When Jack talked about the time when his band started to get some traction, he stopped the presentation and told the audience: “This was just one thing out of a complete sea of things that DIDN’T work. There were still more duds that followed.”

I appreciate the candor of his presentation. It reinforces the point that is clich√© by now, but it’s true nevertheless: you need to love what you do; otherwise, you’ll very likely quit when challenges arise.

You can watch his talk below: